Our mission is to provide the hihest quality thermal design to our customers so they succeed at defining the thermal architecture of their products. We provide thermal analysis adopting the best electronics-cooling methods and technologies. We have experience designing products with the best turn around time.

We are committed:

  • To provide the highest service quality in thermal design and best turn around time.
  • To design products that dissipate heat efficiently to meet our customer's requirements.
  • To provide cooling solutions that can be manufactured in a cost-effective manner.
  • To adopt the best known methods for CFD modeling, analysis and testing from the industry.

°Flux thermal design is committed to help companies succeed at defining the thermal architecture of their products.


Our Clients



°Flux thermal design provides cooling and thermal management services with the highest quality and best turn around time.

As electronic devices shrink in size and internal components get more complex, power consumption increases. This imposes severe limitations in cooling options. We provide the expertise to define the thermal architecture of your product to manage the most challenging conditions.

°Flux thermal design  was founded by Eduardo H. Pacheco  a thermal architect with 10 years of experience on microprocessors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, action cameras, network products and advanced cooling technologies.

These are some of the "cool" products we designed the thermal architectures: